Monday, January 23, 2012

SB 2167 and SB 2446

There have been some questions about the intent of these two bills - the wording on both is still pretty vague, and one of the abstracts mentions "high-alcohol content beer". I called Sen. Finney's office (one of the sponsors) today to try to get some clarification. The intent of both bills is to give the TN ABC the authority to regulate beverages with 90% abw or greater differently than beverages with less alcohol. The impetus of the bill was the death in Sen. Finney's district of an underage girl who overdosed on "Everclear", which is around 90% or 180 proof.

I was assured by the executive assistant that I spoke with that the bills would have nothing to do with anything except authorizing the ABC to regulate these 90% beverages differently than normal alcoholic beverages. She said that two bills were introduced in case one bill was held up in committee.

I think TN craft beer fans should keep an eye on the final language of any bill that makes it out of committee. But it doesn't appear that limiting the sale of high-alcohol beer is the intent of this bill at this point.

Hop Project #63, full of Australian Galaxy hops!

This is the one I personally have been really anticipating. Last year I managed to get my hands on just a little bit of Australian Galaxy hops, which we used as just a finishing hop in one of the Hop Projects. But we couldn't make very much of it, and I went back to trying to source a larger amount. Well, we got lucky and found enough this year to do a nice long run of Hop Project #63, featuring this great hop from down under, in both a flavor and aroma hop role. It's got a wonderfully ripe fruity nose, with a long, lingering, and clean bitterness. We made 160 bbls of it so far (equivalent to about 2000 cases) so we should be able to get some out to all the areas that sell Yazoo Hop Project over the next month. Look for it in Nashville first, then Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson and Vicksburg, MS; and very soon along the MS coast!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Job opening on our packaging line...

We have an entry-level position opening on our packaging line. You would work on preparing our packaging prior to bottling - assembling boxes and inserting the six-pack carriers. You would work on our packaging line, loading empty bottles at the entry, operating the labeller and filler machines, and packing full bottles into their cases and placing the case on a pallet. We are looking for an individual with the following qualities:

- Ability to learn a fairly complex operation
- Energetic, positive attitude
- Ability to function well in a teamwork-oriented environment
- Able to work a flexible weekday (Monday through Friday) shift, anywhere between 6 AM to 6 PM depending on our production schedule
- Able to repeatedly lift 30 lbs (case of beer), and to be on your feet most of the day
- Able to occasionally represent Yazoo at promotional events like beer festivals, tastings, etc.
- Over 21 years old and have a clean driving record. Forklift training is a plus.

This is an entry level position within our company. But we are growing and there will be opportunity for advancement for the right person.

Please email your resume and cover letter to, or mail it to Yazoo Brewing Co, 910 Division Street, Nashville, TN 37203.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fresh Yazoo heading for the beach...

Plan ahead!

It's never too early to start planning for beer festival season. For one thing, it starts happening earlier and earlier every year. And for another, the festivals are becoming more and more popular, with many selling their tickets out in days, if not hours. So as a public service announcement, here are two festivals you want to plan for early:

East Nashville Beer Festival

This beer fest, and its sister event in the winter, the 12th South Winter Warmer, was a big hit with craft beer lovers last year. This year it will be moving even further into the east Nashville neighborhood, onto the grassy field called East Park on Woodland Street, a few blocks from the Five Points area. It is intentionally a small, intimate event, with limited ticket sales, and the tickets will sell out again this year, probably in a day. Mark your calendars for Feb 10th, and buy them online at: Link

Music City Brewers Fest

And from the original Nashville brewers festival, going on 11 years (holy cow, I was at the first one), we have this news:

Nashville, Tennessee Saturday, July 28th, 2012. Tickets on sale starting Tuesday, Dec 6th at 10 AM. See you there!

This festival is much larger, with two separate sessions, but it sells out pretty quickly as well. So make your plans to hit both!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some changes in the taproom...

It may not seem like it sometimes - but we are always trying to speed up things in the taproom, to make sure everyone can get their pints and growlers without having to stand in line for very long. Last year, we started selling tour tickets online, which was a bit hit with people wanting to make sure they got a ticket. Then we added five more tours in addition to the online tours, to make sure that people who didn't get a ticket could walk up and get one. Then we added another server on each shift. We then built a new "tours" desk, where everyone who got tour tickets could pick them up without having to wait in the beer line.

One change we have been considering, and one we have decided to make starting this weekend, was to include sales tax in our prices, and to round them to the nearest dollar. Some prices will go up a little, some will go down. Pints will now be $4.00 even, instead of $4.37 after tax. Growler refills will be $9.00 even, instead of $8.74 after tax. So if you are one of the many people who stop in for a pint, and then refill your growler to take home, you will come out ahead! A pint and growler will be $13.00 now, instead of $13.11.

I hope these changes will speed up our lines and make sure that you all have a great experience at our taproom. We know that no matter how good the beer is, if you don't have fun at the taproom, we didn't do a good job.