Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brewhouse powered up!

Thanks to the guys at Advanced Engineering, we now have power to the new brewhouse! We worked late last night testing out all the I/O and checking motor rotations. Hard to believe, but we only found one mistake in the wiring, one that is easy to correct. Next, the guys at Prism Systems down in Mobile, AL, will be up here on Monday to install the Siemens Braumat program that will control the automation on the brewhouse. It's going to be pretty cool, a touch-screen computer contolling air-operated valves, instead of the manual controls we've had the past six years.

We were all set to go before the Metro Beer board for our taproom beer license this week, but have not yet been able to repair our hot water heater that froze during the last snowstorm. When we cut the power off to the building so that NES could make their connections, our tankless hot water heater did not drain properly, and froze up and ruptured during the night. No hot water = can't pass a metro health inspection yet = no beer permit. Bummer. Now we are shooting for getting our beer permits on the next meeting, Feb 24th. And if you ask my opinion on tankless hot water heaters - so far less than impressed.

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jdanski said...

Are you happy with the work that was performed by Prism?

We are looking for a Qualified Siemens integrator in Tennessee area. We need a firm that can financially handle a large project.