Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fortuitous Release Saturday Feb 18th at the brewery

Fortuitous Ale release Feb 18th at 2 PM at the brewery

We weren't planning on having any release party at all when we finally finished bottling this beer and got ready to ship it out. But after talking with some of Nashville's fellow beer geeks at the 12th South Winter Warmer, who argued that we would be almost cheating them out of a reason to all get together, we decided to hold an event at the brewery to celebrate Fortuitous' release.

The main problem is that due to Tennessee's archaic beer laws, we can't sell high-gravity beer here (see my previous post from last year for the details of why).

So here is how we plan to do it: We will open up the doors to the brewery at noon on Saturday, Feb 18th. From noon until 2 PM, everyone who comes in will get a free raffle ticket. Then at 2 PM, we will raffle off the 120 special certificates that will allow the holder to purchase up to four bottles of Fortuitous at a separate location (not far from the brewery). Whatever is not purchased on that Saturday will be available to the general public starting the following week. (Or maybe I'll just keep it and drink it all myself - seriously, I'm considering it.)

We don't want people having to camp out or wait in lines outside to get this beer. As long as you get here in time to get a free raffle ticket, you will have a good shot at getting up to four bottles of Fortuitous. We want this to be fun, so come on down for a few hours and join us!


Dan said...

Yum! I am sooooooooo there.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! You know if you limit the bottles to two, everyone will probably should be able to get an alottment.

William said...

Maybe I missed it, but what is the cost per bottle?