Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hop Project #22 bottled today, 3rd week of October

You can't muzzle the Hops!
Hop Project #22 was bottled 3rd week of October. We first-wort-hopped it with Ahtanum, then Galena at 30 minutes, Amarillo at 5 minutes, and dry-hopped with Zeus and Amarillo.
Even though it is promoted as a bittering hop because of its high alpha-acids, I'm loving Zeus as a late or dry hop. It's pungent, bright, and earthy. The bitterness on this one is just right - not harsh up front but long and lingering. This isn't the hop bomb that the last batch was, but we don't get our hands on 200#s of fresh Amarillo but once a year.
We only brewed 20 barrels of this one, and about half of that is heading to Alabama (there are some serious hopheads down there, man!) If you are in the B'ham area, look for it on tap, hopefully at the J. Clyde again, and in bottles at Whole Foods.

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