Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tanks in and hooked up...

Well, it has been an exciting past few days. Our new 40 bbl brewhouse arrived bright and early Monday morning, and we spent the next few days getting the big tanks inside the building and stood up. I knew that they would be bigger than anyhing else we have tried to move, and that we would need more than a little forklift to get them inside and stood up, so I rented a small crane, the Brody IC80 (with the advice of my friends at Terrapin Brewing - thanks Mark!). It did great, and most of the tanks were unloaded with no problems.
I had never operated one before, so I felt a little like Trinity from "The Matrix", trying to absorb the instruction manual while climbing into the seat to unload the first truck. The Lauter Tun, at 6000 lbs and 10 feet in diameter, was the biggest challenge, but with the help of another crane from McCord Crane Service, we got it in the building. Quinn and I spent the next few days standing the tanks up and getting them in postition. Then came the challenge of assembling all of the process piping, which had been disassembled for the trip from Vancouver at Newland Systems.
Now we will be working on finishing out the taproom, while engineers from Advanced Engineering in Franklin, and Prism Systems in Mobile, AL, finish the automation system for the new brewhouse. Stay tuned for more pictures of the brewery and the new taproom!

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Beth said...

We're growns up, we're growns up, we're growns up! Very exciting, Linus!