Thursday, November 8, 2007

Price of everything going through the roof

Wow. Just got through digesting all of the price increases on hops, barley, and glass bottles. Our hop prices have gone up 300% on some varieties this year, and we're one of the lucky breweries who will be able to actually get some. Barley prices have gone up anywhere from 30% for our pale malt to 70% for our darker malts. Glass prices just went up another 7% this month. All in all, our cost to make beer looks like it will go up 35-40% this month. Fantastic.

I wish that we could absorb this cost and not have to pass it on to our customers, but who the heck can do that when your cost to produce goes up 35-40%? We'll probably hold off for another month, but get ready, the price of all of your favorite craft beers, Yazoo included, is about to go up. Sorry.