Monday, May 24, 2010

Any sound control experts out there?

We are looking at some different options for dampening some of the noise in our taproom. When it gets going, it can get pretty loud. One option we are looking at is installing soundproofing tiles in places between the overhead girders. But I'd be the first to tell you that I don't know what the heck I'm doing. Any soundproofing guys out there, that would want to swap their expertise for some beer?

New Yazoo mural going up...

We are lucky enough to be getting the muralist Michael Cooper to paint a Yazoo logo on our building. That expanse of yellow brick wall has been crying out for some artwork, and after listening to comments from our regulars, we decided to paint our "Ask for Yazoo Beer" oval on the wall. Well, actually we decided to change it to "Drink Yazoo Beer", since that made more sense for the side of a brewery! It should be done in a few days.
Next, we'll be building a trellis over the patio. Got to have some shade, and something for our hop vines to grow on!

Michael has done a lot of the cool murals in and around downtown - the one on the wall in front of the downtown library, the ones by the Arcade, etc. Check out some of his other work at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Experimental beer tonight Thursday May 20 at the taproom

We'll be tapping a keg of an experimental brew, our Sly Rye Porter aged in a cask with Olive&Sinclair cocao shells. Come on down this Thursday from 4-8 PM and try a pint!

We have some casks now that we will start doing some interesting experiments with. In the works is one of Sly Rye Porter infused with Drew's Brews Lost Weekend coffee. Stay tuned! Thursdays will be the usual night for tapping these experiments (we get great feedback from all our "regulars" on Thursdays!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More flood relief benefits coming up...

The waters are receding, but the needs are just beginning. Please check out these flood relief benefits coming up:

"Writer's Block Flood Benefit" at the Listening Room at Cummins Station, Sunday May 16th

We'll be a sponsor of this great new event, featuring some of Nashville's best songwriters including Jeffrey Steele, Rivers Rutherford, Kirsti Manna, and many others. It's on the parking lot across from Cummins Station, and runs from noon to 10 PM this Sunday.’s-block-concert-becomes-flood-benefit /

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank you to everyone who came out!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our fundraiser. It was a crazy night! We just dropped a check off to the Community Foundation for $6,300 for their Flood Relief Fund. And it was such a great feeling to do it! Thanks again.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flood Fundraiser tomorrow at the Yazoo Taproom!!

We will be holding a fundraiser tomorrow, Thursday May 6th, from 4-8 PM, to benefit the Community Fund of Middle Tennessee ( 100% of all sales at our taproom will be donated to their Metro Disaster Fund. Yes, 100% of ALL sales. It's a nice round number.

To conserve water, we'll be selling pints in our Yazoo logo pub glasses, which you can take home with you. Pints will be $5, which includes tax for this night. Growlers will be $12 new/ $9 refills. CASH is very welcome as it will speed up the line.

We also plan to tap two casks of special beers we were holding back for a special occasion. One is a cask of Pale Ale dryhopped with Amarillo, another is a cask of Dos Perros aged with cocao shells from Nashville's own Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company.

Let's see what we can do! Last time we did this we raised a lot of money for the Red Cross for Katrina relief.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Flood of 2010

We made it through fine. The brewery is on high ground, and all of our staff made it through with mostly only flooded basements and driveways. Thank you to everyone who has called, some from all around the country, to check on us. We're fine.

A lot of our neighbors are not. We're planning a fundraiser of our own in the next few days. Please check back here for details. I encourage everyone to come out to Mercy Lounge this Wednesday the 5th for a fundraiser they are having, instead of their Cinco de Mayo party. The show will be free with suggested donations of $20, and there will be a silent auction as well.

The bad news for beer lovers in Nashville is that three of the town's major beer distributors are surrounded by water. We hear that Ajax Turner, which is on the same road by the Cumberland river as the Omohondro Water Treatment plant, took on a lot of water inside its warehouse. DET Distributing and RS Lipman (our distributor) are both in Metrocenter, and are reportedly surrounded by water. No one at Lipman has been able to get to the warehouse, as the police are not letting anyone into the area due to concerns over the integrity of the levee. We are hoping all the beer is safe and our kegs haven't floated away.

So even though we didn't see any damage at the brewery, we can't deliver our beer to our distributor, and they can't get beer out to all the bars, restaurants, and stores in Nashville. I don't know about DET and Ajax Turner but I imagine they are in the same fix.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Answering some FAQs...

Well, we are starting to settle into the new place! We have done about 20 brews now on the new brewhouse, and Ken and Quinn are starting to become experts on all of its quirks. Colin and Chris are cranking out more cases than ever on the same old bottling line, and dreaming of the day, soon, when we will have a faster line...

But we have been getting a lot of questions since the move, and I'd like to answer some:

1. Now that you have more capacity, will you be releasing any new beers?

Yes! Our next beer in our Brewmaster's Reserve seasonal series is going to be the return of our Summer Ale. We plan on having it out in bottles and kegs around the middle of June.

2. Will you be able to brew "Sue" again? How about more high-alc beers?

When we filed for our new permits with the beer board, they had a lot of concerns about the legality of us brewing high-alc beers, even though we felt we had done everything that the ABC and TN Dept of Revenue had asked us to do (they are the ones who have jurisdiction over high-alc beers). We have a plan to get the beer board's approval within about another month. Until then, if you see some "Sue", I suggest you buy it!

3. The outside of the building still looks "unfinished". Any plans for it?

Yes! We will be building a trellis over the patio out front, to provide some much needed shade as summer comes. We'll be planting some hop vines out front to grow over the trellis as well. We'll be paving the parking lot soon, and striping it to help with the parking. We know that parking can be a hassle, but there is lots of street parking once our lot fills up, and we promise, we'll make the beer worth the walk! And Neil has plans for a bocce ball court (what do you think?)

4. It's pretty noisy inside.

Yeah, we didn't realize how loud it could get until we opened and it got crowded. We're planning on installing some "floating" accoustic tiles in the taproom ceiling to cut down on the noise.

5. My wife doesn't like beer, so will you ever add wine to your menu?

We can't. The ABC has ruled that anyone with a restaurant liquor license cannot sell "growlers" of beer to go. That's a big part of our retail business, so we don't ever plan on getting a liquor license.