Monday, January 7, 2008

Start your engines, it's 2008!!

2007 ended up being our best year ever! We sold over 6,100 barrels of beer, or the equivalent of 1.5 MILLION pints of beer. Damn, that's a lot of beer to come out of this little 10 bbl brewhouse.

I'm sad to report that Holly, our sales manager for the past three years, is leaving us to work for another brewery that is looking to bring their beer into Tennessee. The brewery is Boulevard Brewing out of Missouri, and I guess Holly thinks it will be a better opportunity. She says they will be able to offer her a lot more money and perks, and according to her the stress level will be less. Boulevard signed a distribution agreement with DET Distributing, where Holly used to work as a salesperson selling Miller and Coors. So I'm sure DET was happy to get her away from us, and working for their side again. I wish her the best, she was a dedicated hardworking person, and a lot of fun to work with.