Thursday, April 4, 2013

Full votes next week on the Fix the Beer Tax bills!

The Senate will take up SB0422 during its Monday afternoon session starting at 5 PM.  The House will vote on HB0999 Wednesday morning at 9 AM.  If you have contacted your legislator to ask for their support of the bills, thank you!  If not, please visit and click on "Contact your Legislator" for a quick and easy way to email your specific Representative and Senator.  Thanks!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Key vote tomorrow in the House and Senate Finance committees

The Fix the Beer Tax bills will be up for a key vote tomorrow in the Senate Finance committee at 8 AM, and the House Finance committee at 3 PM.  The bills passed through the Finance subcommittees last week with no opposition, so we are cautiously optimistic for their chances tomorrow.  Follow Linus at @yazoobrewmaster on twitter for live updates, or also @fixthebeertax too.  If we get the bills out of these committees, then the next votes would be the full Senate and House!

Hop Project #71 out in Bottles, 3/26/13

For Hop Project #71, we tried a new hop for us - Kohatu from New Zealand.  We blended the Kohatu with one of our other new favorites, Australian Galaxy.  In a new twist, we added most of the hops toward the end of the boil, shooting for more aroma and flavor.  Adding hops toward the end instead of at the beginning increases the aroma and flavor while actually decreases the bitterness of the beer, but this one is still plenty hoppy!

It was hopped at 30 minutes left in the boil with Galaxy and Kohatu; 5 minutes left with the same blend; and dry-hopped in the fermenter after day 4 with a blend of about 1/3 Galaxy and 2/3 Kohatu.

This recipe will get out to all of our current markets in TN, MS, and northern AL.  Grab one while you can!  Hop #72 is already in the works!