Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another bottling of Hop Project #81!

The second run of #81 was bottled on Monday, Dec 29th.

How are y'all liking this one?  The Sorachi Ace hops, with all their lemony goodness, really shine through with the change in the grain bill we made back on Hop Project #80.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hop Project #81 bottled today Dec 8th

For this, the 81st in the series, our own Brandon Bingman used Magnum, Sorachi Ace, Palisade, and Willamette, dammit.

This is good! Very lemony and minty, and extremely drinkable. If you like it, tell Brandon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hop Project #80 is being bottled today! 10/22/14

Great news for all you hop lovers out there - the newest batch of Hop Project is being bottled today!

For this batch, which is #80 in the series, we decided to make a pretty big change.  When we began the series years and years ago, my favorite IPAs all had a dark amber color and a nice sweetness to balance out the extreme hoppiness.  Our Hop Project grain bill was heavy on the Crystal malts, the malts that give you that dark red color and the residual sweetness.  However, tastes change over time, and after the success of our 10 Yr IPA lately, we decided to change up the grain bill on Hop Projects going forward.  We think that a lighter base to the grain bill will help us highlight the hops even more.

So without further ado, here's the notes for Hop Project #80:

We changed the grain bill on this one to get a lighter malt body, cutting out a lot of the Crystal malts and using about 30% wheat malt, and some flaked oats and wheat.  We used Bravo hops for bittering, and Citra and Falconer's Flight for flavor and aroma, and for dry-hopping as well.

My tasting notes:   well, of course I like it!  The aroma tells you that this is going to be really hoppy, but there is a pleasant creamy sweetness from the oats that delays the initial hop bitterness.  Then the hops really shine, full of juicy tropical notes, and then on to a lingering clean bitterness.

We hope you enjoy this one, and as always, feel free to leave us some comments on how you think our latest twist to the Hop Project series is going!



Sunday, August 10, 2014

Re: Hops Harvest Thursday 8/14/14

Hi all,

It looks like the annual picking of the hops will be this coming Thursday August 14th. I counted 275 vines this year, so the picking will probably take at least four hours. We will start picking around 4 pm and go until finished. Volunteers can count on a fun experience of picking the essential ingredient in the Bells Bend Preservation Ale, with plenty of Yazoo beer along with your hop picking companions. Volunteers will also get a case of this years' Bells Bend Preservation Ale and free admission and beers at the Hop Harvest Square Dance party later on in the fall when the beer is released.

If you would like to volunteer, please email for directions to the farm.


Linus Hall
Yazoo Brewing

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hop Project #79 bottled today, 7/18/14

Here comes the next batch of our perpetually changing IPA! This amber beauty is the brainchild of Seth, and uses Warrior, Galaxy, Cascade and Columbus hops.

It's got a great nose, tropical fruit, a little earthy and maybe a hint of green tea. Plenty of bitterness too!

Look for this in stores around TN and MS starting next week. If you can't wait, come by the brewery this weekend!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hop Project #76 out today! Bottled 01/14/14

For this, the 76th in the series, we went back to combine some of our favorites - Warrior, Chinook, Cascade, and Columbus.

It's agressively bitter with that resiny grapefruit character that those West Coast hops are known for. We hope it gets you through the next few months of winter!