Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alabama here we come!

We've signed a distribution agreement with Supreme Beverage, who covers northern Alabama. We're pretty close to rolling out our beer into Birmingham and Huntsville, just waiting on approval of our brands by the state ABC board. We'll probably be launching it in April, right when the weather turns nice and people head to their favorite patio for a beer. I'm really excited about Birmingham - it's full of independent restaurants, and seems to have a really developed foodie culture. Plus, we've got good relationships with three restaurants already - Mafiaoza's is opening a Birminham restaurant and are really excited about bringing in our beer as they open; Jackson's Bistro has a Birmingham restaurant as well; and, although they don't sell a whole lot of beer, Jim-n-Nicks has six restaurants there and are really trying to support Southern breweries with their draft selections. Plus, the Free the Hops group has really stoked a lot of interest in craft beers, albeit higher alcohol ones. The interest is bound to spill over into anything new that they couldn't get before, including Yazoo!

Huntsville is suprising to me. It's becoming one of Supreme's biggest markets, and they attribute it to all of the military and NASA folks moving in, after a lot of base closings in Virginia and Maryland.


Danner said...

Start getting ready for the Magic City Brewfest, May 31st and June 1st. Supreme will be in the loop.

Brian Allen said...

I think Huntsville is becoming one of Supreme's biggest market, because of The Nook which sells almost all of Supreme's craft beers. The Nook doesn't even sell Bud, Coors, or the like.

And, I believe they are Supreme's biggest craft beer seller in North Alabama.

I know that they would love to have Yazoo beers added to their list of beers.

I have heard that Beverly, the manager, has already talked with Supreme about getting Yazoo beers, too.

Thomas said...

"What's wrong with the beer we got? The beer we got, drank pretty good don't it?
I ain't never heard nobody complain about the beer we have, it drank pretty good. Budwiser???"

Cheers to Alabama!

Linus said...


Thanks for the tip on "The Nook". I have heard a lot about it and can't wait to talk to Beverly.


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