Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...is on tap! We kind of snuck it on last weekend without much fanfare. This is the latest in our Hop Project series of IPAs, where we change up the hops we use on every batch. This particular incarnation used Cascade and Amarillo in the mash, Columbus for first wort, Galena at the beginning of boil, Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade the last five minutes, and Galena, Cascade, and Amarillo for dry hopping. If you didn't understand a word I just wrote... relax, all it really means is that it's good and hoppy! And don't worry about it running out... when it does, we already have Hop Project #11 in the tanks.


Blue Peter Brew Log said...
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Blue Peter Brew Log said...

I picked up a few growlers of this last week and it is mighty fine, thanks Linus!
This one is has an earthy quality compared to (my personal favorite) #9 but really, it is very, very good. Keep up the Hop Projects! Cheers.

The Beer In Me said...

Hello Yazoo!
I added your HOP PROJECT #10 news to our website: http://www.thebeerinme.com/

If you would like us to add future news, contact us using our email contact on our homepage.


Smitty said...

Will this be available at Flying Saucer or 12 South? Or just the brewery?

Linus said...

Yes, we will be getting the Hop Project out about town in the coming weeks. So far we know it will be on tap at the Flying Saucer, 12th South Taproom, Broadway Brewhouse in midtown, and the Five Spot. But we will be adding more and some of the ones I listed may change too, so stay tuned. And as always, it will be a regular feature at our Taproom.

jc said...

Had my first taste of #10 last night. I like it alot, not as much as #8 but better then #9.

I really think you should keep a IPA in regular rotation, its a very popular style and I think you could be very successful with it.

I hope 1 of the "projects" ends up that way.

Anonymous said...

I brought home a growler of HP10 last night. Having my first pint right now...very nice. Has some interesting grapefruit tones.

This evening (3/14/2009), we are having our:
First Fourth Annual Old Hickory Village Crawl.

We have 1/6 barrel of HP11 and 1/2 barrel of Amarillo Pale.

Despite the rain, we are expecting 20 or so to show up for the food, commemorative t-shirts, and excellent beer on tap.

If you feel so inclined...c'mon over.

Thanks, Yazoo!

Anonymous said...

By the way...it's not REALLY 11:15AM... it's 1:15PM

I can almost always wait until McDonald's stops serving breakfast...