Friday, May 8, 2009


For this draft-only version, we hopped our Hop Project #15 with Ahtanum and Columbus as mash hops, First Gold and Galena at the beginning of boil, Ahtanum and Cascade at the end of boil, and then Galena as the dry hop. It's a bit of a departure from the last three or four Hop Projects - Quinn, our head brewer, developed this recipe and was looking for a more mellow, longer-lasting bitterness. So this one doesn't hit you over the head with bitterness at first, but the fruity, mellow hop flavor gives way to hoppy prickliness in the long aftertaste. I like it and I hope you will too! We're waiting on the bottles of Hop Projects #13 and 14 to sell through before we bottle another batch, so this one is available on draft only.


DJ B said...

whaaaaat? who carries the bottled Hop Project series? And can you tell which iteration it is somehow?

jc said...

I am very interested in this version as I am a fan of Galena.

DJB, I know the good beer stores and the higher end grocery stores are carry it. I believe you can tell by the bottled date, but Linus should be able to reply with specifics.

Linus said...

We have been using Galena at various points in the brew of much of the Hop Project series, but this was the first batch we dryhopped with Galena.

To tell what hops were used in each batch, check the "bottled on" date code on the side of the label. For instance, #13 was bottled in the first week of April, #14 was bottled in the third week of April. Then scroll down this blog until you find the entry for that date.