Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First case of Pale Ale rolls off the line!

Wow! We spent the last few days taking down our bottling line at Marathon and moving it to 910 Division. It takes a lot to run one - electricity, compressed air, CO2, and water. All the conveyors and tables have to be realigned. But after a lot of hard work, bright red caps were again rolling down the line. I couldn't resist, so I grabbed one of the first bottles. Our Pale Ale has never tasted so good - maybe it was just from the relief and elation of finally tasting a beer made at our new brewery, but I swear it was the best beer I have ever had! Hey, let us know what you think - the first beers from our new brewery will soon be at a store near you, starting with Pale Ale bottled the second week of April!

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