Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hop Project #41 bottled 3rd week December

For this beauty, we used a lot of Warrior, Columbus, and Galena, with all Warrior for dryhopping. Bottled 3rd week Dec.

My take on it? Whoa baby, this is nice! The Warrior hops really shine in this one. I'm picking up some nice candied mint notes from the hops, which are soft up front but have a great lingering flavor and bitterness to them. Where will this beer be distributed? Well, our Nashville distributor will be getting half the batch, and we're sending the rest up to Knoxville towards the end of this week. #42 will be brewed on Friday, so no worries on keeping up!




Unknown said...

This one is great Linus. My favorite yet. When is the the massive vertical tasting of the hop projects?

Delph said...

How did you utilize these hops in this brew?It says it on all the other posts howyou used each hop.First wort hop, bittering and flavor with aroma.This one is my favorite so far!