Monday, January 17, 2011

Expanding! New fermenters arrived today

We are installing two new 80 bbl (~2500 gallons) fermenters today! No matter how many times we've done it (and it seems like a lot, since we had to move all of our tanks over from the old brewery), it still is exciting to unwrap a shiny new stainless tank, stand it up, hook up all the plumbing and wiring, and to brew the first batch into it. These two new tanks will bump up our capacity by about 25% - which is good, because we hit capacity again towards the end of last year.

All stood up, cleaning a couple thousand miles worth of road grime off, from the long trip from around Vancouver. Time for an Onward Stout!


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Molson recently posted pics of their new fermenters which looked to be the size of Saturn V first stage fuel tanks. Even though these are smaller, I feel like the product coming from them will probably be a lot better.