Monday, June 6, 2011

Savor DC 2011

What a great event! 72 breweries and 144 beers from all over the US. Our Rye Saison and Sue were big hits. I really enjoyed meeting people from all over, especially the guys from Evolution Brewing, Buckbean, Troegs, Capt Lawrence, and many more. That's me, Mark Henderson from Lazy Magnolia, and a guy who is thinking about opening a brewery in TN.

Sorry, couldn't resist. That is of course Ken Grossman, of Sierra Nevada, and we talked a good bit about the recent TN high alc law change. He says they were unaware of the proposed pilot project idea until they started getting hate mail about it, and basically told the Senator sponsoring the bill that they were not interested in coming to TN unless all TN brewers were included. I believe that is the way it went down, after talking to Ken and reading this:

Ken is a pioneer in our industry and a cool guy. I hope they do locate another brewery in TN.

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