Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hop Project #56, bottled 8/9/11, label reads "56. AUG09.11"

Columbus and Nugget first wort hopped, Nugget at 45 min, then Galaxy at 30, 15, and 5 min. Dryhopped with Galaxy and Nugget.

I'm loving this one! Very soft bitterness, tropical fruit, orange, lemon, but lingering dry bitterness. These hops are amazing! Probably one of the best Hop Projects we've done.

This will go out today destined for middle TN and Knoxville. Make sure you try some! We only got enough of these hops for one batch.


Linus Hall
Yazoo Brewing


Burcher said...

I agree. Very subtle bitterness yet outstanding flavor. And the blend of flavors is amazing. Given the hop situation currently, this is a great find!! Nice job Linus, et al.

hikertrash said...

Found this at the Kroger @ Franklin Rd, Nashville. It's fantastic, I've been wanting to try something with Galaxy. Those kiwis know how to breed a hop! (and you guys certainly know how to make a good beer with it!)

SMaSH said...

Awesome find at Earth Fare in Chattanooga! Cant wait to taste these, sounds exactly how I like em!

Webervn said...

Whoooo....just opened a #56 and you really should put this one into production. This is by far the best hop project EVER!

pinbackpro said...

I picked this up in Knoxville yesterday. old you say? not hardly. tastes fresh, strong hop aroma, fruity, the bitterness is there, and soft as stated, but also pronounced enough to bring you back for more. this is a very nice beer.