Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enjoying post-race beer and bonfire at our Bells Bend Beer Run at Sulfur Creek Farm

This was the perfect way to start any Saturday, but especially for those of us attending the 12th South Winter Warmer later in the day. A beautiful full moon on the way out to Sulphur Creek Farm in the Bells Bend area gave way to plenty of sunshine at the start of the race. After the starting gun went off (actually, it was just Neil saying "1...2...3...go!) we trekked up a steep hill and then down a quiet country road past fields of steers and horses. It was chilly in the shade, but once we crested that damn big hill again, we were in the sun and the three kegs of Yazoo and a roaring bonfire were in sight.

Thanks to all you Yazooligans who came out and joined us, and thanks to everyone at the farm for the perfect location! A few of you got lucky during the post-race raffle to win some fresh carrots from the CSA on the farm. If you or anyone else is interested in joining the Bells Bend CSA, follow this link for more info:Link

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