Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hop Project #70 bottled today 2/5/13!

Hop Project #70 was bottled today!  We brewed the first batch of Hop Project ever through our new 200 bbl fermenters, so there will be a whole lot of this to go around.  Which is a great thing, because we are continuing our love affair with Australian and New Zealand hops.  Seriously, if I ever disappear and no-one knows what happened, first check for a brand new hop farmer in New Zealand (if they would let me in the country - seems like immigration is pretty tough down there).

Anyway, we used a lot of Australian Topaz and Stella hops in this one, all the way through the brew and for dry-hopping.  It has a great aroma of ripe citrus fruits and a really nice pleasant bitterness.  Look for it in all our distribution area in the next few weeks!

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