Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy weekend! Taste of Nashville, Grimey's Fall Bash, and Mucklewain

We have a super busy weekend coming up, but at least I have enough help to cover it nowadays. Friday night is the Taste of Nashville benefit out at the Belle Meade Plantation, with Holly as your guest server at the Yazoo table. Saturday is Grimey's Fall Bash, out behind the Basement and Grimey's Records on 8th Ave South. The Yazoo van will be there pouring beer all day from 11 AM until late. And finally, we're a beer sponsor of Muckelwain, out in Pinewood, TN, on Friday and Saturday nights. The BIG YAZOO TRUCK will be there, with me driving about 20 kegs out for the event.

Here's the Grimey's lineup for Saturday. Swing by and then come out to Mucklewain that night!.

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