Thursday, September 6, 2007

new concrete and new tanks coming!

We spent the week before Labor Day ripping up old concrete in the brewery and pouring a new slab with good drains, in the back half of the brewery. Why? Well, on Sept 10 we have three brand new 40 bbl fermenters (1200 gallons each) arriving, and the old concrete just wasn't going to cut it. I knew from my first go-around with the old concrete at Marathon that it was only about three inches thick, with no rebar at all, so the weight of the new tanks full of beer would have been too much.

Quinn, Brian, and I spent the week getting all the old concrete jackhammered up and spreading new gravel fill. We couldn't brew while all the dust and dirt was in the air, so I decided to put those guys to work getting ready for the new concrete to be poured. I know that by the end of the week they were ready to get back to normal brewing!

I got Jack White of White's Concrete to come and pour the concrete - 8 yards and it had to be pumped into the building. Jack is not cheap, but he knew what he was doing, and the new concrete looks great. More important, it's strong and it now drains properly to the new drains we installed as well.
Only brewers get excited about new concrete floors!

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