Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yazoo Fresh Wet Hop Pale Ale on tap today, this Thursday August 21st!

OK, this is a rare treat! We're taken some freshly picked hops from our brewer Quinn's hop trellis and infused them in a keg of our Pale Ale. No matter how careful the hop growers are with their picking and preserving their hops, some of the essential oils are lost in the drying and packaging of the new hop harvest. This is your chance to see how fresh a Pale Ale can really be. It's tough to grow hops here in Tennessee, so we only did one small keg, and we'll be serving it on the Pleasure Chest until it runs out. Come on down early if you want one!


mIKES said...


That brew was heavenly! Let me ask a question: Can you create a similar level of aroma / bittering / finish using dry hops? Do you just add more dry hops to compensate vs wet hops?

AND, in all seriousness, can a retail customer like myself contract Yazoo to produce a 5 gallon batch of that magic brew if and when it is available? At any cost it would be worth it. Like you don't have enough to do already ;-)

See ya' Saturday
"Jersey Mike"

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed out on that taste test.

I just took the test over at the Tennessean to find out which Nashville beer I am (Yazoo Sly Rye Porter). I recently moved to the Nashville area and am glad to say I've already tried the Hefeweizen and look forward to the porter.

Keep up the good work.