Monday, June 1, 2009

6-pack Recycling Program

Hey guys and gals,

We're always trying to figure out ways to lower our impact on our environment at Yazoo. We capture all of our cooling water for hot water for the next batch; our spent grain goes to a local cattle farmer, and to Provence for their Yazoo bread; we recycle our cardboard down at Smurfitt-Stone (even though they quit paying anything for scrap cardboard!); and so on. One of the things that has always bugged me was the fact that after they are purchased, our six-pack carriers go straight into either the trash or recycling, when they could be used again.

So we're starting a 6-pack recycling program at Yazoo. Bring in your Yazoo 6-pack carriers during normal taprooom hours, Thur-Fri 4-8 PM and Sat 2-8 PM.

Ten Yazoo 6-pack carriers will get you a pint on the house. Thirty Yazoo 6-pack carriers will get you a free t-shirt.

The carriers need to be in good shape, and ready to be reused again. That is, no tears, no water damage, no cigarette butts, etc.

Hey, free beer and swag, just for doing something you hopefully do already (drink Yazoo)! And you'll feel so much better knowing that you're helping the environment. Save your 6-pack carriers, bring them down to the taproom during normal taproom hours, and enjoy a pint or a t-shirt on us!


Anonymous said...

What about the 12-pack boxes?

LT said...

Hey Linus, it's your cousin Lauren:) I just started following the blog and I brag about Yazoo all the time!!! I'm living in Colorado now and I'm in walking distance of a great brew pub but nothing compared to Yazoo!!!

Anywho, I'm waiting on the 'shop' part of your website comes back up so I can buy a couple of shirts!

Good job! Glad things are going well!

Anonymous said...

How about naming your summer ale
either only in summer or summer nites ale. Both names let you know that it should be enjoyed during a special time and with good food and friends.

Unknown said...

I was surprised to see Hop Project #15 at Magic City Brewfest. The beer menu didn't include it. It was a welcome surprise though, because it is absolutely wonderful. Sent a lot of IPA heads that I met that way to try it. All the beers were great as usual.. I can't wait until one of those hop projects is bottled as your IPA though. No doubt I enjoy traveling to Nashville from Alabama to enjoy good beer with good people.. But man, it's a drive! Anyhow, hope the people that got to try and appreciate your beers do take the time to go visit the brewery in Nashville. It's worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

Are the 4-packs included in this? If they are not included, can you still reuse them if I bring them in as well?

Anonymous said...

From the horses mouth:!/YazooBrew/status/35432095887138816

4-packs are included.