Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy Weekend #3

2nd Annual Go Green Night at Greer Stadium

Join Mayor Karl Dean, NES, and TVA as the Sounds take on our rivals from down the road, the Memphis Redbirds, for the 2nd Annual Go Green Night. For our part of this event, we decided to sign up for the Green Power Switch. As part of this program, you agree to purchase blocks of power from your local electic utility that were produced from "green" sources, like wind, solar, or methane generated from landfills. To promote the Green Power Switch plan, we've taken two steps:

One, we will be debuting our new Summer Ale at the Sounds stadium this Saturday night. It's brewed with 100% organic malts, and now that we are members of the Green Power Switch, it's the first true "GREEN" beer brewed in Tennessee! No fake green dye, this beer is light and clean, with a nice crisp finish from the Saaz hops used. Look for it at the Yazoo booth in the breezeway behind 1st base.

Two, as an incentive for other people to make the Green Power Switch, we're giving away a pint to the first 50 people who sign up for Green Power Switch at the Sounds game this Saturday. Find the NES Green Power Switch in the breezeway behind 1st base, be one of the first 50 people to sign up for the Green Power Switch (you can sign up for as little as $4 per month), and your first pint of Yazoo is on us!

Gates open at 4:30 PM, first pitch at 5:45 PM. See you there!


Anonymous said...

When's summer ale hitting the taproom?

LT said...

Question....do you have a gluten free beer? Just curious.....