Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HOP PROJECT #18 kegged this week

Hop Project #18, on draft only, used Zeus and Galena for first wort, Cascade at 60 minutes left in the boil; Ahtanum, Cascade, and Amarillo at 30 minutes left; Cascade at 20 minutes left; Amarillo at 10 minutes left; Ahtanum at 5 minutes left; and Ahtanum, Amarillo, and Cascade for dry hopping.

We are going back down the direction of some of the batches around #9-#11, with a lot more late hops and not as much initial bitterness, trying to get a lot of juicy, citrusy hop flavor but not as much harsh bitternesss.

This was a small batch, and will not last long. We're trying to keep the taps we have around town supplied, until all of #16 in bottles sells out. We will be brewing a big batch of Hop Project #19 this week that will be bottled in about two weeks.

And hey, please keep giving us feedback, here and at sites like www.beeradvocate.com or www.ratebeer.com. We don't always know exactly how these projects will turn out, and while we know which ones were our favorite, we need to hear from you! About the only thing we won't do is exactly repeat a recipe again!


Anonymous said...

We loved the Summer Ale at the Sounds game - where else can we get it?

Anonymous said...

What changes will be put in place for the bottled #19? Will it be along the lines of the #18?

The Jug Huggers said...

#6 is the best one as of yet. #14 had a close second. Looking forward to the new ones this next week. - SLAW BONES

jc said...

had some on Thursday, liked it quite a bit over the last few offerings. I would say that #11, I believe, was the best.

the new is pretty "woodsy" and has a pretty good hop bittering bite.

very good guys, keep it up.