Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yazoo Hop Project #17 on tap Thursday July 16

Kegged July 16, all on draft. For this hop bomb we used Columbus at the beginning of boil, Amarillo at 30 minutes, and Zeus and Galena at 5 minutes left in the boil. Then we dry-hopped it with Cascade and Zeus. Galena and Zeus are typically used mainly for bittering at the beginning of the boil, due to their extremely high alpha acid levels. But Ivan, who came up with this recipe, wanted to see how they behaved when used for more for aroma, towards the end of the boil and as dry-hops.

I'm picking up a pleasant, piney aroma, followed by a mellow, rounded bitterness in the body, and finally a clean, bright finish. This is not as heavy and chewy in the bitterness as #16 was - I think this is one of the top ones we have done over the last 17 batches. Come by the taproom and give us your opinion - but make it soon, because we only brewed about 15 kegs of this batch!



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Blue Peter Brew Log said...

Wow! #17 has got to be one of if not my MOST favorite hop projects. I stopped by (today) on Friday and had my growlers filled and could smell the hop aroma as it was being poured...lovely! Linus this one is over the top excellent!

Anonymous said...

Any chance this one could be bottled? It is SOLID.