Monday, May 24, 2010

New Yazoo mural going up...

We are lucky enough to be getting the muralist Michael Cooper to paint a Yazoo logo on our building. That expanse of yellow brick wall has been crying out for some artwork, and after listening to comments from our regulars, we decided to paint our "Ask for Yazoo Beer" oval on the wall. Well, actually we decided to change it to "Drink Yazoo Beer", since that made more sense for the side of a brewery! It should be done in a few days.
Next, we'll be building a trellis over the patio. Got to have some shade, and something for our hop vines to grow on!

Michael has done a lot of the cool murals in and around downtown - the one on the wall in front of the downtown library, the ones by the Arcade, etc. Check out some of his other work at

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swenocha said...

Drove by today... The mural looks great!