Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Flood of 2010

We made it through fine. The brewery is on high ground, and all of our staff made it through with mostly only flooded basements and driveways. Thank you to everyone who has called, some from all around the country, to check on us. We're fine.

A lot of our neighbors are not. We're planning a fundraiser of our own in the next few days. Please check back here for details. I encourage everyone to come out to Mercy Lounge this Wednesday the 5th for a fundraiser they are having, instead of their Cinco de Mayo party. The show will be free with suggested donations of $20, and there will be a silent auction as well.

The bad news for beer lovers in Nashville is that three of the town's major beer distributors are surrounded by water. We hear that Ajax Turner, which is on the same road by the Cumberland river as the Omohondro Water Treatment plant, took on a lot of water inside its warehouse. DET Distributing and RS Lipman (our distributor) are both in Metrocenter, and are reportedly surrounded by water. No one at Lipman has been able to get to the warehouse, as the police are not letting anyone into the area due to concerns over the integrity of the levee. We are hoping all the beer is safe and our kegs haven't floated away.

So even though we didn't see any damage at the brewery, we can't deliver our beer to our distributor, and they can't get beer out to all the bars, restaurants, and stores in Nashville. I don't know about DET and Ajax Turner but I imagine they are in the same fix.

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