Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another busy festival weekend!

Wish us luck! Ivan and I are heading out to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival this weekend. This is the big daddy of them all - 450 breweries and 2200 beers, competing for the right to be called the best in the land. The quality of beer at the festival has gotten so good, that I feel kind of sorry for the judges who have to pick the winners in each category. I have a good feeling about our Hefeweizen, Hop Project, and Sue this year - but hey, even if we don't win anything, we will have a great time hanging out with our brewer friends and visiting the dozens of breweries around Denver.

Meanwhile, Neil will be making the trek eastward to Asheville for their Brewgrass Festival. Tickets are sold out again for the millionth year in a row, but for those of you lucky enough to be going, you know you are in for a great time. Unlike some festivals, the Brewgrass Festival is staffed by the brewers themselves, pouring you the beer and telling you all about it. The music is usually amazing too.


Smitty said...

you will definitely get a medal for Sue. I can feel it. I will look for you guys at Saturday's session and watch you get gold for Sue.

smitty said...

Did I call it or what? Congrats on the Silver! I like Alaskan, but I like SUE even better. I bet the scores were razor thin

Bigby said...

Congrats on the silver for SUE. I've been having fun steering people from the homebrew boards I frequent over to your booth. Though they have liked SUE, many have liked Sly Rye even more, and the consensus is that the Hop Project you are serving is the best of the lot you are serving. One quote:

"I thought Hop Project was amazing. Hop project was 100+ IBUs, but it did not taste bitter at all. I wanted to ask the brewer how he pulled that off, but he wasn't there when I was, and the volunteers had no idea."

Question: what Hop Project are you serving out there? Is it the one at the Tap Room right now? I haven't been to the Tap Room in several weeks, so I may need to make a trip this week!

Again, Congrats!!! Well deserved...