Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get yer cold Yazoo beer rat 'cheer

You might think that it's not all that unusual to get a Yazoo beer at the Titans stadium. Not so. This is the first real shot we have gotten at selling our beer at Titans games. We did have two (2) taps on the club level several years ago, that did pretty well, but for the past few years the only local beer you could get was our beer, in bottles, at one place on the concourse.

Well, this year we worked out a deal with the concession company that runs the food and beverages at the stadium. We bought four roll-around concession carts with beer taps on them, and are now pouring our beer at four locations along the ground-level concourse. Look for the big Yazoo stainless carts, or ask someone with a white Yazoo cup where he got the beer. It's ONLY $9 for a 22 oz beer - yeah, a little high, but compare that to $8 for the same amount of Bud or Miller Lite, and it all of sudden looks like a tremendous deal!

As always, we really appreciate your support. If you are getting a beer at the stadium, please seek us out!


Unknown said...

How about showing the upper deck some love?! Seriously though, I'm super excited to get Yazoo at the games, but those of us in the upper decks would really appreciate it!

Unknown said...

In addition, the premium beers in the upper deck are $10 for 22 oz. So, with you guys up there, we could get premium, local beer cheaper than the other beers!