Friday, April 1, 2011

Made it to the final 8!

We made it to the final Eight of Nashville Business Journal's March Brand Madness competition, thanks to your votes! It was a tight race with Old Time Pottery, but we made it through and now face Pinnacle Financial Partners. Now I know what you are thinking - we're toast, there's no way we can take on a mighty financial institution and come out ahead. And the early voting is looking like that is the case - we trail Pinnacle 82% to 18%. But I'm not giving up! So, in between reading all of the prank April Fools press releases that came out this morning, head over to

and VOTE for YAZOO!

Update! At 3:15 PM, it's now 41% for Yazoo and 59% for Pinnacle! Come on late risers, this is a beer drinker's time to shine! Bankers are heading home (or over here for a beer later). So head to the website above and vote, and we'll sneak out a victory!

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