Monday, January 23, 2012

SB 2167 and SB 2446

There have been some questions about the intent of these two bills - the wording on both is still pretty vague, and one of the abstracts mentions "high-alcohol content beer". I called Sen. Finney's office (one of the sponsors) today to try to get some clarification. The intent of both bills is to give the TN ABC the authority to regulate beverages with 90% abw or greater differently than beverages with less alcohol. The impetus of the bill was the death in Sen. Finney's district of an underage girl who overdosed on "Everclear", which is around 90% or 180 proof.

I was assured by the executive assistant that I spoke with that the bills would have nothing to do with anything except authorizing the ABC to regulate these 90% beverages differently than normal alcoholic beverages. She said that two bills were introduced in case one bill was held up in committee.

I think TN craft beer fans should keep an eye on the final language of any bill that makes it out of committee. But it doesn't appear that limiting the sale of high-alcohol beer is the intent of this bill at this point.

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