Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hop Project #12 kegged today, March 18

And the hops keep coming... for this rendition of our soon-to-be-world-famous Hop Project Ale, which will be number 12 in the series, we featured two relatively new varieties called Apollo and Bravo. Apollo, which we used in #3 (if I remember right), has a really pungent nose. almost garlicy. Bravo is much more mellow, kind of lemony. They are both bred from a Galena variety to be high-alpha (around 16%) but much more stable in storage. We bittered the beer with Apollo and Zeus in the first wort, then added some Galena, Goldings, and Bravo at 30 minutes, and Simcoe, Goldings, and Bravo at 5 minutes for aroma. Then we dryhopped it with some Goldings and Amarillo. The old calculations say it's over 100 IBUs, which makes us happy.

This batch was the one we planned on bottling, but the labels are taking their sweet time getting printed, and the kegs are zipping out of here at such a rate, now that we have it on tap at a few places other than the taproom, that we decided to keg out all of this batch. It's looking like the batch we first bottle will be lucky #13, which is fermenting away as we speak.

Come on by the taproom this weekend and give it a taste!


Blue Peter Brew Log said...

Excellent!!! You did it again Linus!

BTW, it sure would be nice to talk "The Listening Room" into putting Yazoo on tap.

Linus said...

Well, all of our Hop Projects have been a collaboration of all the brewers here, and that's why they keep getting better. Thanks,