Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yazoo Brewing and Lightning 100 team up for Music City Mayhem!

Lightning 100 presents Music City Mayhem, featuring 32 local bands competing for the chance to perform for the Fantastic Four Showdown at Yazoo Brewing Company. Each day, there will be a new match up with Lightning listeners and artist's fans voting to decide who moves on. Voting will begin March 9th through April 1st . Each day we will play the two competing bands song on air. You can also hear clips on the Music City Madness page, where you can also vote, at On April 1st, listeners and fans will have determined The Fantastic Four.

Those four acts will play The Music City Madness Showdown at Yazoo Brewing Company on Friday, April 3rd where the attendants of this free show will vote on their favorite band via text. That's right, four bands out back behind the brewery! And rest assured, we've learned from the unexpectedly huge crowds at our last party, and we will have plenty of beer lines this time, so no one will have to wait long for a beer. And, we can almost guarantee that it will be warmer than in November!

Music City Mayhem results will be determined completely by fans and Lightning 100 listeners. Be sure to log on and vote each day beginning March 9th!You can find our more at Lightning 100's website,

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