Friday, March 20, 2009

Ivan's Firefly Ale on tap Friday March 20

The latest in our Brewmaster's Reserve seriers will go on tap this evening at the Taproom only. You might recall that we let each one of our brewers come up with a recipe and brew a small batch of it for sale at our taproom only. This batch is the first one we've let Ivan, our newest and youngest brewer, loose in the brewhouse. Here, in his own words, is what transpired:

"Ivan's Firefly Ale - the name goes back to a recipe of amber ale that I brewed one spring evening. When I finished bottling the beer, I found a firefly left over, that must have flown into the kettle while I was boiling the wort. I thought the beer would be ruined, but it turned out to be one of the most delicious ales I had made! Firefly Amber ale is toasty in flavor with hints of dried fruit and generous amounts of US Golding hops. It's brewed in time to welcome the fireflies back in season in your backyard. Oh yeah, can you pick out the taste of the secret ingredient? Don't worry, no fireflies were harmed in the making of THIS beer."

It's quite tasty and makes us glad to have Ivan on the brewing team. Cheers, Linus


jc said...

dang it, Friday? You know the regulars come in on Thursday. Sigh will have to wait till this Thursday.

Unknown said...

Is the taproom and tour 21+? I'd like to stop by some Saturday, and would probably bring the kids unless it's verboten. See, we're from Wisconsin, and the beer there comes right out of the kitchen faucet.

Dustin House, PhD said...

The firefly ale is fantastic. I purchased two growlers and between the roomies and I, they didn't last two days. I can't wait for the next brew in the series, although truthfully, I'll miss the firefly ale. Well done, Ivan.