Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mark Moynihan fund

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise some money to help Kim Moynihan, Mark's wife. Mark was a brewer in east Tennessee that was critically burned in a welding accident. While he was fighting, with burns over 90% of his body, we teamed up with the Nashville homebrewers club to try to raise money. We auctioned off an opportunity to brew a batch on our commercial system to the homebrew club, with the proceeds from sales of that batch also going to the Mark Moynihan Burn Fund. Sadly, just before we brewed the beer, Mark passed away. We decided to go ahead with the benefit and donate the money to Mark's wife, Kim.

Thank you to Brandon, for his wonderful Hop Blaster, and to everyone who came in and enjoyed a pint or growler of it. Thanks to you, we were able to donate a little over $6,000 to Kim to help with her bills. Thanks again!

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