Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New dock door at the new brewery!

We had to knock out a section of the wall at the new brewery to get the tanks inside, so that meant we deserved a new dock door! Deserved? Weird choice of words? Well, if you had struggled with the doors we have here at Marathon for the past six years, you'd say the same thing! First, there is a dock door that took two people to winch closed, plus a sledgehammer. Then, a set of doors so low that a normal forklift won't go through it (luckily, the tires on our forklift are so worn out that it will clear the doors by 1/4 inch.) And to get to the dock, you have to run a gamut of metal plates covering collapsed concrete and mud holes. So needless to say, we're excited about a brand new dock door!

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mIKES said...


Was over on Div. street snooping around admiring the graffiti on the habitat building and wondering about that flimsy sheet of plywood trying to barely function as a door.

Now I know~!

joisy mike