Friday, October 16, 2009

More Sue Locations

Yazoo Sue, our cherry-wood-smoked imperial porter, is now on tap at:

Three Crow Bar
Beyond the Edge
Broadway Brewhouse - Midtown
12th South Taproom
Beer Sellar

This is a small batch beer right now, as we wait on label approval to bottle it, and we have been in and out of stock with Sue at our distributor. So even these limited locations may be periodically out of Sue. We hope to be bottling it later this year.

And the reason why we can't serve it at our own taproom? We would have to get a liquor license, and then we would not be able to sell growlers. I could go into all the legal BS behind that but I don't feel like getting riled up right now.

1 comment:

Jessica & Dan Fetter said...

Please please please bring SUE to the Knoxville Brewer's Jam!! =)