Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boiler approved!

Our boiler passed TWO inspections today (good boiler!) and we are close to firing it up and running some test brews on the new equipment! Once Peidmont Gas (used to be Nashville Gas) comes out and upgrades our meter (they have been waiting on the inspections to set the meter), we can test fire the boiler and start supplying steam to the brewhouse, and do our first batch of Pale Ale.

We also cranked up our new chiller and added the 55 gallon drum of glycol to the reservoir. That will keep the new fermenting beer nice and cool.

We are waiting on a couple of above-40 degree days to pour our dock and some sidewalks. The outside of the brewery still looks rough, lots of painting and paving to do. But we are waiting on good weather.

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HVAC Man said...

There's also nothing worse than taking time to produce something like this and give it away, only to have someone tell you some minor change they would have made to it.