Friday, March 12, 2010

going to miss the old building

Barry Walker, the owner of Marathon, called me today upset about one of my recent posts (which I have since deleted). After rereading it, I realized that my comments could be read to think that I was slamming Marathon Village.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I am proud of the work that Barry and I put into renovating our corner of the building, and I am proud to have been a part of Barry's long journey to save the old car factory and to turn it into a cool artistic haven for Nashville. I've apologized to Barry for my poor choice in words, and I hope that anyone else I offended will accept an apology too. We're going to miss Marathon Village. It's come a long way, and has a bright future, and we're proud to have gotten our start there.


David Cintron said...

The Marathon building has been a cool place for Yazoo to be, but with that coolness has come growth and this expansion required a new (more awesome) space. I plan on coming by this Sat for one last tour of the brewery. It's been a good place for you, but the new one sounds and looks like it'll be even better.

jc said...

It will be sorely missed by Thursday "regulars". I am sure the new place will be amazing, but it wont have the feel and vibe that the Marathon building has. I will be there this coming Thursday, for 1 last time. A big send off if you will. Hope to see you there Linus.

Doug Jones Jr. said...

I didn't see anything wrong with the comments you made in the blog you deleted. I was the first to commment on it and I felt that you summed it up pretty well. The folks at Marathon need to grow some thicker skin and realize you were speaking the truth, and not trying to degrade or devalue the integrity of the facility.

I'm about to head down there for the next to last time. Marathon will be sorely missed by myself and scores of other thirsty Nashvillians.
Thanks Linus for bringing this wonderful entity to our city.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, is it not true that the tenant that is replacing your brewery operation going to be serving your beer? If you want a booster shot of the old Zoo, stop on in~!

Linus said...

I'm don't know exactly all the details of what Corsair Artisan lans to do with the space. I wish them well and know they will create their own unique identity and space at Marathon.