Friday, February 25, 2011

#50 in Hop Project series coming up soon ... vote for your favorite to bring back!

Wow, the 50th different batch of Hop Project is rapidly approaching (brewing #46 today). For #50, since that is a milestone number, we are going to give you, our brewing public, the chance to vote on your absolute favorite from the past. What was your favorite? What Hop Project would you like to see just one more time?

I pulled six of the highest-rated ones from ratebeer and beeradvocate, and put them in the poll at the top left of the blog. Vote for your favorite! I did have to leave off the Fresh Hop ones, since we can only get those hops at harvest time in the fall. But if we have a clear favorite, we plan on bringing that recipe back for #50!




Nate & Ginny said...

Was hopping to see 30 with the coffee on the list

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see 36. That was pure money.

Anonymous said...

Bring Hop Project back to it's roots. Some of the earlier versions were the best.

kevin said...

I'm having a #45 right now and it is AWSOME!!! I'm not sure what hop is dominate in this one but it sure is good! Maybe one from the list similar to this one Linus?