Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Six pack recycling program

It's been a while since we mentioned it, and that post is pretty far down... so, as a refresher, here are the details on our six-pack recycling program:

Bring in Yazoo six-pack carriers ( in good shape!) and you'll get the following:

Ten Yazoo 6-pack carriers will get you a pint on the house. Thirty Yazoo 6-pack carriers will get you a free t-shirt. (only two free pints or t-shirts per visit, thanks)

The carriers need to be in good shape, and ready to be reused again. That is, no tears, no water damage, no cigarette butts, etc. No proof of purchase necessary! ( i.e. if you live next to a pub that goes through a lot of Yazoo in bottles, ask them to hang onto the carriers for you!)

Hey, beer and swag, just for doing something you hopefully already do (drink Yazoo)! And you'll feel that much better knowing that you're helping the environment. Save your 6-pack carriers, bring them down to the taproom during normal taproom hours, and enjoy a pint or a t-shirt on us!


Anonymous said...

Brewmaster's Reserve 4 packs also?

Anonymous said...

How about a Pleasure Chest?

Anonymous said...

4 packs are included:


Dunno about the Pleasure Chest.

Anonymous said...

Black saison is great. I want to make a saison soon, and now you have me thinking about a black saison...