Monday, September 26, 2011

Last chance to get some Bells Bend Preservation Ale this weekend!

What a great time we had out at Sulphur Creek Farm in Bells Bend this past Saturday! Thanks to Eric, Keith, Barry, Rachael, Tom, and everyone who helped put it together. And thanks to T-Claw and the band for the square dancing! Even with the three or four hundred people who came out, it still felt like a down-home party.

Don't worry if you didn't make it out to get to try the Bells Bend Preservation Ale, brewed with hops grown right on the farm at Sulphur Creek. Despite some valiant efforts, we were not able to drink the entire batch in one go, so there are some kegs still left to serve at our Family Picnic birthday party this Saturday. We will have it on tap in the taproom and outside with the bands. If you like hoppy beers, you have to try this one!


Anonymous said...

is the Pick nick at the tap room?

Linus said...

Yes, the Family Picnic is at the brewery, in our parking lot.