Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yazoo drink pretty good, don't it?

If you haven't seen this video yet, of the debate in the Alabama House of Representatives over the bill to allow over 6% abv beer into the state, check it out at http://www.freethehops.org/ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEFDVc6XCcc. Skip to about the 5:30 minute mark for some of the funniest comments by Rep. Alvin Homes of Birmingham. It's an instant classic! "What's wrong with the beer we got? It drink pretty good, don't it? We got Budweiser... what's the name of some of those other beers? They drink pretty good, don't they?"
To commemorate his immortal words of wisdom, we've come up with this t-shirt design - we're thinking of getting them out in time for the Magic City Brewfest in May.
If you like this t-shirt design, send me an email at linus@yazoobrew.com and we'll get some coming.
UPDATE: Due to the fact that the Gourmet Beer Bill is still hung up in Alabama's Senate, I got some sage advice to nix this idea - don't need anything to antagonize the fine people in Montgomery. Maybe after that passes?


Daniel is Not Impressed said...

linus - this is my new favorite blog. and i'd buy a shirt in a quick second! it do drink pretty good, don't it!

Anonymous said...

We will welcome some fine brew from my home state down here. Looking forward to it. Please let us know when your first shipment heads out the door heading toward bammyland.

Go Vols!!!

Kendall said...

It looks like the bill passed. I've been looking for a shirt like this for some time. Make it happen!

Unknown said...

Please make this T-shirt !!!