Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hop Project tasting at the J. Clyde in Birmingham, Thursday, April 16

Join Linus Hall, owner and brewmaster of Yazoo Brewing, for a special tasting of two different batches of Yazoo's popular Hop Project series, starting at 5:30 PM at the J. Clyde in Birmingham.


Rob and Ashlee said...

can't believe you guys aren't supporting "BEER WARS" somehow when it plays at Opry Mills and Green Hills Theatres on Thursday, April 16?????

Linus said...

Rob and Ashlee,

We tried to get it in the line-up at the Belcourt - you know, a place where you can actually get a beer while you watch it. But the film producer made some deal with national chain theatres. It's funny, besides interviewing the brewers in the movie, there wasn't much of an attempt that I could see to work with craft brewers to leverage interest in the film. And by the time the date was announced, we already had committments in Birmingham and Knoxville. I hope people do go out and see it, and that we can get another showing later this year at the Belcourt.



Rob and Ashlee said...

Thanks, Linus, for the reply. A friend and I are going. I will submit a review on my blog:


if you are interested in taking a look at it. Having it at Belcourt does make a lot of sense. I hope that works out.