Friday, April 10, 2009

some growing pains at Greer...

All in all, it was a great night! The weather was great, a ton of people turned out... I wish that the Sounds had won, and that my kids hadn't slept through the fireworks that they wanted to stay to see..

But there were some problems, and we'll get them straightened out today. One, not enough beer. I don't know where the ball was dropped, and if someone didn't believe we would go through as much beer as we did. The main Yazoo location was out of beer by the third inning. We're getting a lot more beer out there today, and that shouldn't be a problem again.

Also, I was informed that our "Two Dog Night" promotion deal, of two tickets, two hotdogs, two bags of peanuts, and two beers was not honored at some concession stands. After making some calls to the Sounds this morning, I found that the vouchers for this deal were still at the printers, and in the confusion and excitement of Opening Night, they were missed. This deal should be on starting Saturday. I apologize if anyone tried to use this promotion, please let me know at if you tried and were turned away. We'll make it up to you.

Again, all in all it was a great night! There were some opening night snafus but we'll get them ironed out. GO SOUNDS!

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