Sunday, October 31, 2010

Corsair Barrel-aged SUE at the Nashville Flying Saucer Wed Nov 3rd

If you have been by the brewery the past few months, you may have seen some small 5 gallon wooden casks by the taproom window. They came from our friends at Corsair Artisan Distillery, at our old address of 1200 Clinton. The casks held an experimental bourbon, but we filled them with Sue from the fermenter back in August. Now, distillers use five gallon barrels for experimenting in, because the spirit ages faster in the smaller barrels, and you can see what it's going to taste like in a shorter time. Well, the same goes for beer in smaller barrels - this beer is full of vanilla and oaky bourbon flavors after just three months, but nicely balanced with a sticky sweet and roasted beer.

We will be doing more - but, if you would like to try one of the very few kegs we got out of this experiment, come down to the Nashville Flying Saucer this Wednesday night for a pint night featuring our barrel-aged Sue!

UPDATE: We'll get started about 7 PM. Sorry, didn't have that nailed down when I posted earlier.


David Cintron said...

I need to try this. Sounds like I'll be making a trip downtown on Wed to give it a taste.

Anonymous said...

What time are you planning on tapping it? I'm pressed for time but would love to try some.

Anonymous said...

yeah, what time? If I am going to make the haul downtown, I don't want to miss it

Anonymous said...

A beer named SUE! All right.

What time should we arrive, please?

I've had a bottle or two - YUM!

Looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome first attempt at a barrel aged beer. Loved every sip and can't wait to try more.