Friday, October 8, 2010

Sneak peek at our new Fall Ale label

It can be tough to "call" the Fall season in Mississippi. Sure, it's a sure sign that Fall is upon you when you hear "hoddy toddy gosh awmaty who the hell are we" over and over again. But the surest sign I ever had was the first cool night that got the leaves on the huge Ginko tree on my street to start changing. They would gradually change to a vivid yellow over the next month, until suddenly, like they all knew it was time, they would all drop within a day, coating the street and our yard with an inch-deep blanket of soft, golden leaves.

Fall Ale is made with all German malts - Munich, Vienna, Cara malt, and a little bit of Rye. It's generously hopped with Hallertauer and Tettnang hops from Germany. It's an ale, not a lager, but it's loosely based on a typical Octoberfest beer, with our own twist with the Rye malt. It will be available as the next beer in our Brewmaster's Reserve 4-pack, beginning around the third week of October - you know, about the time that all the "Octoberfest" beers that came out in July are starting to show their age!

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PatBattle said...

Damn fine beer, guys... Had my first taste this evening...