Monday, October 4, 2010

Hop Project #36, bottled 4th week September

For this batch, put together by Colin, we used:

First wort hopped with Magnum and Amarillo, then Amarillo, Cascade, and Nugget at 45 min and then at 30 min, then Amarillo, Cascade, and Citra at 15 min, 10 min, and 5 min, and finally dry hopped with Cascade and Citra after four days in the fermenter.

This twist on this Hop Project was more additions throughout the boil, instead of our standard three boil additions. I suspect that Colin really enjoyed watching Ken and Quinn having to walk back and forth all day measuring out hops, while he was running the bottling line.

It's notched as being bottled on the 3rd week of September.

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Hops'n'Happiness said...

* The URL of this post contains "bottled-4th-week-august"

* The post title contains "bottled 4th week September"

* The post itself contains "It's notched as being bottled on the 3rd week of September."

Which is it?